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Stardate, November 17

In Uncategorized on November 17, 2009 at 10:40 pm

        Regular blog visitors (well, one, at least) have been clamoring for a update, and my motto always having been give the people what they want, so long as the people are Sunday noon attractive (not 2:00 AM with George Jones on the jukebox attractive), and so long as what they want does not include money, multiple votes or food from a Chinese restaurant with a kennel out back, here goes!

     I’ve completed 18 radiation treatments and have 5 more to go (so I’ll be done in time to sleep through Thanksgiving).  The side effects have been minimal.  I’m a little less energetic than usual, though not as tired as the usual arguments made against health care reform.  I’ve learned to be careful about what I carry into treatment with me, lest my credit cards get erased, my cell phone gets fried or my watch quits telling time except to say, digitally, “The End Is Near!”  Harry heard noises outside the other night, so to calm household fears, I sat in the driveway all night in a lawn chair substituting for a security light until dawn.  And, on three separate occasions, we have turned away miners from Niger with shovels and Geiger counters who knocked on the door (boy, am I ever happy Bush ain’t president – no telling what he’d have done in response!?!), but otherwise, things have been as  normal as they ever get around here.   

      We’ll follow up the zapping with scans of every shape and variety to see how things went, but present indications are positive.  I’d write more, and more often, but I tend to come home afternoons with vim and vigor along the lines Madeline Kahn sings about in “Blazing Saddles.” Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.  Keep the faith!