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Updates, Outdates, Late Dates, and General Drivel

In Uncategorized on July 31, 2009 at 8:11 pm

     It seems like forever – as long ago as the Gadsden Purchase or the Shay Rebellion (don’t bother Googling or rushing to Wikpedia for the dates because I don’t remember them either: the point is that whenever they were, it was long ago)- since I wrote an update for the Blog. The fault, to paraphrase from Julius Caesar, is not in my stars, but in myself, that I’m an underling. Well, naah!, not really an underling, more like …… lazy. I’ve kicked back and surrendered myself to what Nat King Cole singingly described as “those lazy, hazy crazy days of summer.”

    Actually, there hasn’t been much to report besides a bit of mounting frustration. After the last chemo, my bone marrow apparently decided it needed a vacation. On the eve of the next scheduled treatment my hemoglobin and hemostat and red bood cells had tanked, and my platelet levels had dropped almost to the point where I was at risk for “spontaneous bleeding.” Let your mind rest on that concept for a while if you crave some vivid nightmares. I mean, who even wants to each lunch with a person if you might start suddenly start bleeding over your food?

      So, transfused with yes sir, yes sir, two bags full of blood and shot up and oralled with all sorts of vitamin supplements and folic acid and foundry shavings and I don’t know whatall, I reported to Duke yesterday for another try and actually got to enjoy chemo again for the first time in six weeks. In fact, all my blood levels were in the “normal range,” which is something the rest of the physical, psychological and spiritual me has not been since I first saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964.

      So, I’m hale and hearty and a really good guy again and generally back on track. I’ll probably add some junk to the blog in the next couple of days and otherwise rest up for next week. In the meantime, all you faithful readers keep healthy, live happy, love, and keep the cause going!