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What ho, dear readers, whose numbers must be dwindling as readers, by definition, need something to read. I apologize for lagging in my writing.   And, having long ago opted to eschew (gesundheit!) resolutions and promises round about New Years (ife’s tough enough – so why create new failings to feel guilty about?), I’ll merely expess a hope to do better in the future.

About 3 weeks ago, I finished up my 30 zap course of radiation. Scans taken halfway through indicated the radiation was kicking buttocks in the style of Thatcher in the Falklands, not Bush in Iraq, so if the rest of the treatment worked as well the first part(knock on wood!), I ought to be in pretty good shape. I will be visiting docs and having my oil checked, my tires kicked, my wheels rotated and being prodded and poked more than a Congressional aide over the course of the next couple of weeks, and if I learn anything new, I’ll share.

As if to round off ’09 in a perfectly metaphorical way, the Philpotts got to celebrate Christmas eve this year with the Roto-Rooter man (a backed-up main drain) and Christmas day with a ceiling leak. Santa made it through all the elements and obstacles, if with messier boots than normal, but I am insisting next year that the old elf geezer must park his reindeer on the lawn, not the roof!

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during the past year. So many old and new friends have showered me with notes, comments and kindnesses that I would write the equivalent of “Warren Pease” – (not “War and Peace”, the 1,050 page Russian novel, but “Warren Pease,” the self-named memoirs of an old neighbor of mine (whose hobby was collecting the litttle brass rings through which you threaded the laces in old canvas Converse All-Stars) that ran to about 37 double-spaced pages) if I were to try to thank you individually. Know from Deirdre, Harry and me, however, that you all are in our thoughts and prayers as we are in yours.

Happy New Year, Everybody! To borrow a blessing from the late Al McGuire, who adapted it from e.e. cummings, I hope your days will be filled with seashells and balloons.