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Groundhog Day, 2011

In Uncategorized on February 2, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Dunno if anyone in the internet ether is still checking in since my last entry in August, 2010, but here goes anyway.  I have emailed a brief entry to some buds and will copy it here with maybe an additional comment or two.  Here goes:

Already home after operation. Doc reused last cut, surgery lasted only 30 minutes, so recovery easier so far. Stitches, no clamps on back of head, so operative site looks rither like topo map of federal/confederate positions around Little Round Top on Day 2 of Gettysburg.

Helen was moved to palliative care at Baptist yesterday afternoon late. Docs are estimating she’ll hang around maybe 36-50 hours more. Martha is sitting with her. Bro may pass through for a while. End, if it comes, will be marked by something a low key as she would want and we can make it….family graveside, maybe short visiting time at First Bap. I know this comes as a bit of surprise, but it did to us also. No need to visit any of us at moment. We’ll keep you posted on what happens and plans.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for all of us.

In other wprds, The docs had to remove a new bit of brain tumor.  Scans of the lower 48 are still clear and clean and fine, and my oncologist acts giddy over my progress (or absense of regress) whenever I talk with him.  Now, if we could eliminate this annual brain glitch, I’d be moon pies and nehi sodas. 

Meanwhile, after waking up on morning about 3 weeks ago and not being able to get up and get around, Mom just slipped into a decline, and that decline is nearing its natural end. 

Harry, for those who haven’t heard, was accepted early by UNC, so we really have a lot to celebrate.  All in all, it’s all for the good, and even what doesn’t seem to be, really is!