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August 19, 2010

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Bonjours, any readers who remain and sometimes visit the blog.  I haven’t posted since Memorial Day, though I find in the drafts that I had partly written a comment on Bastille day, but for some reason failed to upload it.

From a few emails and calls, and comments from folks encountered around town, it appears that there has been some concern that my failure to post means I am in extremis and about to kick the bucket.  Let me assure you that I am in Lexington, not extremis (though some cattily claim there is little difference between the two) and that with iffy balance, lingering problems with my vision and an underexercised leg, if I tried to kick the bucket, I would undoubtably miss the damned thing and wind up falling flat on My Kiester (Korean-German yard man, who would be really pissed!). 

To the contrary, my medical reports and evaluations have been encouraging to the point where I am taking a break from treatment to try to regain a bit of strength and stamina.  My vision has actually been  improving for afew weeks.  The hope is that I’ll be able to start maintenance treatment, which will certainly be a heck of a lot better than chemo, radiation and all the other voodoo the docs have enjoyed doing so well (there’s a reference hidden in that last remark that maybe only Fatz will immediately grasp. 

Consequently, my lack of posting can only be attributed to sheer lassitude and torpor.  Part of it may be attributed to the weather, for a summer of excessive heat and humidity has folks around here virtually comatose.  By comparison, the brain eaters in “Night of the Living Dead” pop around with the pep and vigor of a women’s gymnastics team.  Otherwise, after about 14-15 months of blogging, I just needed a break.  Today, however, I am invigorated……POSITIVELY INVIGORATED……by 12 hours of clouds and rain….oh, frabjous day, calloo, callay!!! 

So, I’m back, and if not quite never better or better than ever, at least I am aspirating, ingesting sustenance and sleeping a few hours each night!  more later, dudes!