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Good Chemo, Weird Instructions

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     Hello fans and friends.  I apologize for a rather lengthy silence, but a semi-uneventful week and a half (assuming that my son’s 16th birthday and getting his license is eneventful) have posed several distractions.  Plus, I’ve been writing something in a slightly longer form that may or may not be ready for posting soon.

    Anyway, the trip to Duke yesterday went smoothly.  All signs remain encouraging with the Doc saying I’m a good kind of poster boy of some such, ‘ceptin’ my hemoglobin is still low, so I need to continue upping the iron intake.  Added to my regimen of injections at Lex today, I am supposed to receive two eunichs with packed blood.  Now, where do you find eunichs is these enlightened days?  Will they be castrati and sing grand opera to me?  Will there be a conference room set aside for this purpose or will I receive them in my treatment room at OPS?  What am I supposed to talk about with them?  How will they be carrying packed blood?  Will they be carrying it in bottles in back packs or will they be sipping it through rubber tubes in those koala or or camel-back packs or whatever they’re called that distance bikers wear these days?  These are questions yet to be answered and that I’ll fill you in on this after……

    Well, my wife is tapping me on the shoulder and claims that I must have misheard the doctor.  What I’m to receive (in the form of an IV) is two “units,” not “eunichs,” of packed blood, but whom should a person believe, his wife or his own two ears?  I guess we all know the answer to that!!!  I guess that’s another question I’ll be able to answer this afternoon.

    Till so0n, keep the faith!