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Update 3/27

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Stardate – Durham, NC, 7:00 AM:  It was a dark and dreary and thoroughly miserable morning for the usual assortment of formerly rabid, smug, self-important and overly confident DooKies…..meaning it was a great morning for me!  Nodes and tissues sampled and and biopsied via outpatient procedure much like laproscopy through the little notch in the sternum.  Preliminary reports indicate against surgery, meaning, in the doc’s words, the start of a “FULL COURT PRESS” through chemo.  Will return to Dook for sure next Thursday.  Will post any changes or additions.

Meanwhile, give me suggestions for music, books, movies you think may help give me (AKA not the normal person) positive thoughts.

Finally, I aim to resume a nearly normal office schedule next week.